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1 minute to 12
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„1 minute to 12“ is a fashion brand dedicated to all happy, positive, dynamic, contemporary ladies, who love to feel good and to express their personality through their outfit.  This is a brand, born to bring something different in the life of the women, determined to look great in trendy clothes.

All the models in our Collections are our designers ‘team creations. It‘s a team formed by young, dynamic, enthusiastic people that love life and the beauty in it and are passionate about transmitting this love throughout our Collections. Our designers are aware of the latest trends and the fast-changing interests, needs and desires of today‘s ladies. This awareness is supported by the constant information from the market and our customers and by detailed research into different styles, trends, and fabrics. That is how a „1 minute to 12“ piece is born and kept up-to-date in the world of fast fashion. It‘s a piece easy to wear and combine, it‘s a piece on trend. This is the way our designers aim to inspire the contemporary lady to discover the outfit that matches her personality the most and to create her perfect look for the season.

„1 minute to 12“ dream is dressing ladies to make them happy and to help them stand out from the crowd! Ours is the enthusiasm to create something special with love! Feel free, inspired and be noticed wearing a „1minute to 12“ creation, because you are on trend!