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1 minute to 12
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What is „1 minute to 12“?  It‘s a brand. It‘s a fashion brand that aims to surprise and inspire the fashion-conscious ladies who want to look unique and gorgeous. It‘s a brand that offers fashion for modern, urban women.

„1 minute to 12“ was created by three people with a passion for life and fashion. The philosophy of „1 minute to 12“  is to turn the world view and the imagination of its creators into unique examples of modern fashion pieces.

Aiming to bring out the women femininity, the dynamic of their life and the unparalleled style of our modern times, „1 minute to 12“ tries to attract ladies who want to be active and trendy throughout the day, comfortable and confident at the same time.

„1 minute to 12“ is small, but we want to act big and impress! Be inspired and choose the outfit that matches your personality, because it‘s „1 minute to 12“ already!